William H'Lem Bonnie

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H'Lem patching himself up after a fight.
William H'Lem Bonnie is a male Weequay from the species homeworld of Sriluur.


As told by H'Lem

Mom was a good one, came from a good family, the whole nine parsecs. Pop was never meant to marry. They tell me their lives both changed the first time they met. Way I hear it love at first sight was the order of the day. Oh, the stories they told about their first few hunts together. Evidently, it all happened before Pop revealed he had been dedicated to the Quay since birth and was promised to never take a wife. Then, I was born. That's how it all started.
Well, eventually they ran off together. Pop's family was none too happy about it - after all, Pop carried the honor of the family with him and had thrown it all away for some "nice girl". As it turns out, Pop's family had a few covert assets, and they decided to use them to return honor to the family. It didn't take long before the three of us were dodging knives by night and blaster bolts by day. Last time I remember seeing my folks they were shoving me into the ducts on some unknown space station in the back end of Hutt space. I was a mere boy of eight.
The next couple months are still a bit of a blur. Hard to tell how I managed to survive, but I did. One day Doc found me. Way he tells the story, I was the scrawniest Weequay he'd ever seen, and had some wild in the eye by then. Nearly feral Doc said. He'd been a duct rat himself, once, and had a lifetime's experience surviving. Never will forget him. Got himself pinched. Can't remember what for, not really important though. Them coppers made an example out of him though.
Few years later I fell in with a group called them selves the Belden Deck. Nothing special about them other than it's where I landed. You've heard the story before: swoops, extortion, drugs, and muscle for hire. Was only with them a few years before I got noticed. Maybe I would have been better staying unnoticed, but what can I do about it now?
The Dark Star Syndicate had been using the Deck as a recruiting ground for raw talent for decades. Iseth Fane assigned me to the program. To the galaxy, it looked like a circus academy, folks teaching gymnastic performers and the like. They taught me how to move, how to go unnoticed, how to use a knife. The essentials.
You wanted to know how I became who and what I am. Why I am so violent. Well that's the short version. The long version? Well, that'll for another day.