Melee Weapons

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Melee Weapons
Weapon Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Price Rarity Special
"Gorka" Vibroknife Melee +1 2 Engaged 1 1 2500 7 Pierce 3, Vicious 2
Power Hammer Melee +4 4 Engaged 6 4 1500 6 Blast 6, Concussive 2, Knockdown, Sunder, Unwieldy 3
Weapon Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Price Rarity Special
Crop Melee +0 4 Engaged 1 0 25 1
Nerfwhip Melee +1 4 Short 2 0 50 1 Ensnare 1
Light-Whip Melee 8 1 Short 2 0 9000 (R) 10 Vicious 5
Vibro-Whip Melee +2 2 Short 2 2 1000 6 Ensnare 1, Knockdown, Vicious 3

MCUK-36H "Gorka" Vibroknife


The Multi-Cell Utility Knife 36cm Heavy (MCUK-36H) was initially designed as survival knife for the 501st during missions on wild planets. Those soldiers issued the knife refused to return them. Over the years since their initial introduction they have gained a cult following and their price has steadily risen, often the older knives are more prized than the newer ones. As the knife is no longer in production, prices have risen significantly; the knives are more likely to be owned by collectors than a being who would actually use one.

What makes the Gorka special is it's dual vibrating cell technology. A sensor running down the blade detects how the blade should vibrate. When the knife is being used in a chopping type motion the blade vibrates from the back of the blade to the front of the blade. When it is being used in a sawing motion the blade vibrates from the tip to the to the grip. This has translated well to the rigors of combat often generating a solid hit when other vibro knives would only deliver a glancing blow.

Power Hammer


The power hammer (or repulsor hammer) is a durasteel bludgeoning weapon designed for use in heavy mining. Using repulsor and shockwave generators within the heavy head, it allows the wielder to strike with astonishing force. This ability allows miners to smash through rocks and dense ore veins with ease. The power hammer has also become a popular melee weapon, its use dating back to the early days of the Galactic Empire, when mining companies found themselves resisting governmental takeovers, their employees fighting back with whatever they had on hand. Even heavily-armored opponents could find themselves sprawled across the floor, armor shattered, after being struck by a power hammer.

The hammer is large and must be wielded with both hands. Its generators activate automatically when used, the repulsors creating a high-powered swing followed by the shockwave generator causing a shaped vibration burst upon a successful hit. Some users of the power hammer have modified their weapons to amplify the shockwave, making the weapon more dangerous not only to those on the business end of its strikes, but potentially to the user himself. (If the player activates the Blast property, he takes damage, as well, since he is engaged with the target. This damage may be mitigated with talents like Selective Detonation or by flipping a Forcelight.png.)



A crop is a short whip without a lash, usually used when riding beasts such as the eopie, the dewback, or the bordok of Endor. A crop is may be constructed of either natural or synthetic materials, with supple material (such as synthmesh or leather) braided around a tougher but still-flexible core (usually Durafiber or some sort of reed). The crop is about a meter long and tapered, with a wound cord or tongue (known as the keeper) at the business end. The thin end is intended to make contact with the mount, while the keeper prevents the mount's skin from being marked. Used in combat, the crop is often employed as a tool to deliver humiliation rather than damage.


The nerfwhip is a tool normally employed when working with livestock in open country. Like a crop, a nerfwhip might be made of either natural or synthetic materials. It consists of a handle, a lash of plaited material (often leather), and a long, single strip of the same material terminating in a cracker. One unique property of physical whips like the nerfwhip is that it can be employed in such a way so that, at the end of its movement, part of the whip is moving in excess of the speed of sound, thereby creating a small sonic boom – or a crack. Nerfwhips are generally one to five meters in length, but can be as short as one meter and as long as five.


Looking like a four-meter long lightsaber, with a flexible blade, the lightwhip shares some of the Jedi weapon's properties. Rather than a straight projected blade, however, the lightwhip's responsive length is formed by linking several small crystals which provide a blade with no cell barriers to keep it straight. Because of its lack of rigid blade, the lightwhip lacks the breaching capacity of a lightsaber. Lightwhips cannot be sundered.


A vibrowhip is built like a normal whip – a four meter lash with a handle at one end and a cracker at the other – with a few major modifications. First, the vibrowhip is always constructed of synthetic components. Second, has a small vibration generator in the handle, much like the one found in a vibrosword, giving it augmented slashing capability. When activated, the full length of the whip, minus the handle, glows dull blue. The weapon's tip features considerable armor penetration, but the remainder of the whip does not share this property. For this reason, the vibrowhip does not use its Pierce property when either it's Ensnare or Knockdown properties are activated.