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Welcome to Aux5, the wiki for a Wichita-based Star Wars roleplaying group. Currently we're playing through a campaign trilogy, the first of which is titled The Ancient Game. Feel free to browse the worlds, creatures, characters, and gear we've added into our galaxy, but keep in mind this is a work in progress. Many links may still lead to nowhere. We're working on it, though!

If you're interested in roleplaying in the Star Wars universe and live in the Wichita area, feel free to contact the site's administrator.






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Monthly Care Package Challenges

Here are August's monthly Care Package Challenges!
  • Major Care Package Challenge - Create a new world for the characters to visit in-game! Provide a one paragraph general description, some information about the planet's geology, climate, history, and inhabitants. Include at least three points of interest, including descriptions. See the Baxxu page for a general idea of what to include. (No need to write up the stat block, however.)
  • Minor Care Package Challenge - Create an adversary, a nemesis, a counterpoint to your character. Think of this NPC as your character's archenemy, or maybe arch-frenemy. It could be a vicious bounty hunter, a First Order general, or a bit of not-so-friendly competition from a fellow smuggler. Include a paragraph of description and a short history detailing why this is your character's nemesis!
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