Kyuss Drivan

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Kyuss Drivan, Student of the Ghost Council.
Kyuss Drivan is a male Twi'lek from Ryloth. A former Prince to a powerful Twi'lek family Upon coming of age learned how his family made their money: Selling their own people into slavery! He joined a cell of the Freedom Flight league, took on a masked identity and fought the enslavement of his people.


From the Journal of Kyuss Drivan, Prince-In-Exile

The hidden turbolift doors slid aside to reveal a large, well-appointed bedroom open to the evening air. The breeze was cool and the room was colorfully decorated in gold, orange, and a purple matching the sky outside.
"Wow," said the masked woman at my side. "Nice."
"Thanks," I replied. "Been my room my entire life." My voice came deeply through the vocabulator in my own mask. Sweat and sand were caked to my bare chest and shoulders from fighting; my new ally and I had just escaped through a network a secret tunnels below my family estate.
We shared a brief look, then she pulled back her hood, leaving just her half-mask in place. She was a stunner! Long, blue hair flowed around a pink-skinned face with a pert nose and a cupid-bow smile. My lekku twitched without my consent.
"May I use your 'fresher?" she purred. I simply pointed her to the door in question.
Just as she disappeared through the door, the chim to my suite announced a visitor. I quickly removed my faceplate and kicked it under my large, round bed. I rushed to shut the bookcase that concealed the turbolift.
Just then my servant, Geraldis, entered the main area holding a tray covered in delicate fruit. "Feeling better, sir?" asked the gaunt, green-skinned servant. His lekku jerked with indignation and his wickedly acute eyes missed not a single detail.
I stood at the bookshelf as if reaching for a holo disc, but I was still breathing hard and covered in sweat and sand. I saw Geraldis' eyes glint with a sudden suspicion. My recent exploits as a masked member of Freedom Flight, working against my family slave trade, was quickly becoming legendary, spotlighted as it was by the local media. My use of knowledge of its inner workings was not lost on my father or his spies.
Just then, the refresher doors slid open, revealing a curvaceous pink body completely devoid of apparel. "Oh, fruit!" my mystery guest exclaimed, happily gilding toward the tray, seemingly unfazed by the combination of Geraldis' presence and her own nudity. My servant's eyes remained on me.
"Entertaining, my Prince?" he asked.
"My Prince, he says!" giggled the woman as she took a bite of fruit.
"Uh, yes," I stammered, my blue complexion deepening in very real embarrassment. "Entertaining might work in this instance, Geraldis. And yes, I'm feeling much better." A grin slid into place on my lips.
Still on guard, head tails giving nothing away, Geraldis continued to ignore the girl and glare at me with suspicion. He set the tray on a round, orange stand and turned on his heel to depart.
"Geraldis," I said in a flat, commanding tone.
"My Prince?"
"Don't enter my suite again without invitation."
"Yes, sir," he stated flatly, then left without another word.
"You're Kyuss Drivan? Heir to the Drivan family holdings?" asked my naked guest, large purple eyes twinkling in honest confusion.
"I am," I admitted. "I hate how they've made their fortune and seek to end the enslavement of the people of Ryloth for the benefit of a select few."
She moved to me and placed her pink hands on my blue chest. "Hello, Kyuss," she said. "I'm Muri." She stood on her tip-toes (which did incredible things to her toned legs - which I noticed, of course, being male!) and kissed me full on the mouth.
"He suspects," said a shadow I hadn't noticed before. "He's telling your father these suspicions now."
"Jakin! Master! Why are you here?" I asked the shadows.
"Saving my pupil from certain doom," he replied. "A ship awaits to take you to Nar Shaddaa. Your fight will have to continue far from here. You've been compromised. It is time to run... NOW!"