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Ja'nine... looking stately.
Ja'nine is a female Twi'lek from Ryloth.


As told by Ja'nine

I was born in the town of Twilekener on the planet of Ryloth some 33 years ago. My mother and father had a little hut that was just big enough for the three of us to rest our heads.
Father was an arms smuggler for the Rebellion. He would be gone on missions for weeks at a time to run guns from Ryloth to Nar Shadda. Mother worked at a local pub, the Tickalakas, as a waitress and earned very little in tips despite her beauty. She had no tolerance for the advancing remarks from those she served. Father would tell her she needed to just act interested in the passerby's advances to earn a better tip. She would have none of it.
While Father was away and mother was at work she would leave me with my grandmother. She passed away when I was about 10. By this time Mother had joined father in running arms and other trade goods. When they would leave on mission I would stay with Commodore Jorik Bakker at the rings home base. During this time I would watch crew members work on some of Baker's ships. He had 13 ships, so repairs were constant. When I was 12, Mom and Dad left on mission and never returned. They were captured by the First Order and executed for their commitment to the resistance movement, the Alliance to Restore the Republic. I was now an orphan and mad at the First Order for murdering my mother and father.
Bakker knew that I had no family now and allowed me to stay on with his crew. I had not known any other life than that of running with a smuggler group. Bakker put me to work cleaning up in the kitchen and doing what he called “woman's work”. I hated it, but knew that I had no other choice. Mother, Father, and Grandmother were gone, leaving me an orphan to work for my keep. When my work was done I would hang out in the hanger bay with the crewmen learning how to fix ship's problems.
After 4 years of cleaning for my keep, the Commodore allowed me to tag along on a mission to Nar Shadda. During this trip I got my first chance to pilot the ship. I had worked with Raxel, the pilot, fixing ship problems over the years and he let me take a stab at the wheel. I fell in love with flying at that very moment. When we returned to home base on Ryloth, I asked Commodore Bakker if I could move up from keeping house to running guns, spices, and goods like all the other crew.
Raxel vouched for my mechanical knowledge of the ship and said he would allow me to be an apprentice under him to become a future pilot. The Commodore agreed to my apprenticeship in trade for my keep. I spent 5 years working with Raxel learning different ships, spaceports, stars, planets, and galaxy maps. There are so many things a pilot will never know it all. At 21, Raxel released me to pilot alone.
Bakker assigned me to the ship “Stuffgazer”, the slowest ship in his fleet. I have been piloting Stuffgazer and others in the fleet running missions for Captain Baker with a small crew for 12 years now. The thrill of flying, running guns, working on my ship, and the continual pay makes working for Captain Baker and the Rebellion to Restore the Republic worthwhile.