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Aux5 is private-use wiki made accessible to the public for no other reason but that sometimes our users don't want to have to log in to check out some info. We don't gather data, nor do we distribute or disclose the data we haven't collected, unless it is part of a service provided to our users and visitors.

Feel free to use the site with the complete assurance of your personal privacy.

We don't sell names. We don't collect names to sell. We don't barter with names, nor do we use them as bribes for politicians. We have been known to run names through sites like the Internet Anagram Server just for a few laughs, but we keep this private and don't publish embarrassing anagrams to the names we don't collect.

If you do buy something from us (not that we have anything to sell, especially names!), we might contact you in the future concerning other special deals. Not that we have any special deals to offer, but we're told this is something we should include in a privacy policy anyway.

The Mediawiki software records some statistics – pageviews, upload and download data – but nothing personal, only statistical data required to run the website. Your cache of furniture porn is safe from our prying eyes.

Occasionally, the site may contain links to and from other websites. If you leave the domain by virtue of one of these links, we are not responsible for the data that site collects. Especially names. We won't be held liable if they find out who you are and where you live. You have been warned.

That is all.